EMA Wins PICA Awards for Dynacast Work

Eric Mower and Associates (EMA) recently won two awards from the Printing Industry of the Carolinas (PICA) for a sales kit the agency developed for Dynacast, the world’s largest die caster. The kit was part of a global rebranding effort EMA helped launch to better showcase Dynacast’s precision-engineered components for products ranging from MP3 players and motorcycles to guitars and football cleats.

PICA chose the Dynacast material as best presentation kit at the March 6 show and also best printing in its size category (an office with 25-50 workers). Emblazoned with the slogan “Solutions Made Solid,” which EMA’s Charlotte office suggested, the sales kit features fold-out displays to illustrate how Dynacast chooses the best alloy, uses 3-D modeling, and closely checks specs before designing parts that are installed in video game consoles, stethoscopes, men’s razors, lighters and many other products.

EMA’s printer, Hutchison Allgood, nominated the work in part because of the retouched images and reflections that blended to a solid black background; a special coating; and the double-gatefold that made it “a recipe for a challenge and a beautifully produced sales literature kit.”

In addition to the sales kit, EMA helped Dynacast redesign its website (www.dynacast.com), and develop internal communications. This year, EMA will create a print and web advertising campaign for Dynacast.

“We take pride in the limitless range of solutions we offer, and that’s exactly what EMA has done for us,” says Dave Simas, Dynacast’s marketing manager. “We’re thrilled to be working with an agency that has the same attention to detail and commitment to meeting customers’ objectives.”

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