EMA Helps Président® Cheese ‘party’ with the New President

Président® Cheese, the leading European dairy company and largest cheese producer in the world, recently commissioned marketing communications agency, Eric Mower and Associates to help them ‘party’ with the new president. Launched on Inauguration Day, the program included party sponsorships, sampling and media outreach that focused on sending packages to viewing parties at bars, restaurants and hotels from New York City to L.A. Each party package featured the new Président® Brie Log, which is uniquely shaped to fit easily on a cracker.

“The purpose of our campaign was to introduce people to our new Brie while they attended or hosted a party,” said Gwenaelle Lettermann, marketing director, Lactalis Deli. “The obvious and clever connection between Président® Cheese and the new president made Inaugural Day an ideal situation to communicate information to consumers about the new Brie Log.”

“Our team worked off of the insight that Brie is a specialty cheese that people like to serve when they celebrate special occasions,” said Christine Dougherty, associate director of client services, EMA. “While Americans gathered together to witness this historic event, it made sense for us to join the party and show people firsthand how Président® has changed Brie and made it easy to enjoys its delicious taste.”

In addition to the Brie Log, party packages also included 15 Brie log samples, five boxes of crackers, 75 hand-held American flags, and 75 coupons for $1 off Président® Brie Log with recipe suggestions attached. Party hosts also will find 30 Table Tents, one super cool poster, 75 branded cocktail napkins, and 10 “News” inserts.

President® Brie Log is available at supermarkets nationwide. For more information and recipe ideas go to:

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