Connecting Brands with New Moms and Moms-to-Be: EMA to Present at National Marketing to Moms Conference

The New Moms team from Eric Mower + Associates will present a workshop for national consumer brands, retailers and marketers at the annual M2Moms® – The Marketing to Moms Conference on Oct. 23, 2012, in Chicago. EMA New Moms team strategists Sandy Gingerich and Jessica Chapman will present on how brands can connect with and reach both new moms and expectant moms as shoppers.

“A woman becomes a new mom just once in her lifetime. From the moment she finds out she is pregnant to the joy of her new arrival, her feelings and thoughts about brands and products, and how she actually shops, all change,” said Gingerich, EMA senior partner and New Moms team leader. “Each year, new moms spend $10,000 from the time they learn they’re pregnant until they have their child—that’s $16 billion in consumer purchasing power.”

Proprietary research conducted by EMA garnered insights on how motherhood shapes women’s opinions and behaviors toward shopping, brand/product selection, environmentally friendly products, media use, health, fashion and more. EMA’s workshop—Shopper “Mom” Marketing: 9 Months to Connect your Brand to Her New Reality! —will help M2Moms® attendees understand how women think, feel and change as shoppers as they prepare for motherhood.

“Expectant and new moms don’t fully understand how their trust in brands and shopping habits have and will continue to change. She has new needs in categories she’s never considered before, a new commitment to putting her baby first; and, ultimately, new worries about making the right decisions for her and her family,” Gingerich said.

The EMA New Moms team recently interviewed some new moms about their new shopping needs and what they expect from brands. Here’s what they had to say, as well as insights from Gingerich on what it means to brand managers.

Executed online by Zoomerang earlier this year, EMA’s study was administered to 467 moms, including Expectant Moms (pregnant with first child, in any trimester) and New Moms (1 child age 2 or younger). EMA is a proud sponsor of the M2Moms® conference. Additional sponsors include Lifetime Television, Yahoo! and more.

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