Brands Take Note: First-Time Moms Offer $16 Billion in Purchasing Power

First-time moms represent $16 billion in spending power. New research from Eric Mower + Associates’ New Moms Group says that the time for brands and retailers to start earning moms’ loyalty is the nine months before baby arrives. Experts from EMA New Moms Group will present their findings during their workshop “Shopper ‘Mom’ Marketing: 9 Months to Connect Your Brand to Her New Reality” at the M2Moms® –The Marketing to Moms Conference on Oct. 23-24.

“Each year, new moms spend $10,000 from the time they learn they’re pregnant until their child is one year old—that’s $16 billion in consumer purchasing power,” said Sandy Gingerich, EMA senior partner and New Moms team leader. “By and large, decisions on which brands new moms will rely on are forming before baby is born. Brands have to get in front of first-time moms as early as they can.”

From the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant, the way she thinks, feels and shops changes, as moms have a new set of considerations and concerns. Proprietary research conducted by EMA New Moms Group indicates that brands have the opportunity to connect with and earn a new mom’s loyalty—and help her find the best solutions for her family—during the critical nine months before baby’s birth.

Executed online by Zoomerang earlier this year, EMA’s proprietary study was administered to 467 moms, including Expectant Moms (pregnant with first child, in any trimester) and New Moms (first-time moms with one child, age 2 or younger).

EMA’s New Moms team includes experts in Insight + Analytics, Shopper Marketing, Creative Ideation, Design + Branding, Public Relations, Social Media and Planning. The group routinely conducts research studies, interviews new and experienced moms about their mindset and shopping habits, and shares thinking through articles, blog posts, videos and more. EMA’s client roster includes respected brands like Dixie®, Fisher-Price, Primrose Schools and many others.

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