• Patriot

    Introducing an exciting new combination:

    EMA + HB

    Eric Mower + Associates and HB Agency are combining operations, bringing one of the largest independent integrated advertising and public relations agencies in the nation to Boston.

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  • Labatt USA - Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Event

    Labatt USA - Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Event

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  • Breyers Ice Cream Toppings Launch

    Breyers Ice Cream Toppings Launch

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  • Domtar Paper Hot Spot

    Domtar Paper Hot Spot

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  • TimberTech Straight Talk Website

    TimberTech Straight Talk Website

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Consumer PR

Whether you’re seeking increased product sales, building a brand, launching a new initiative, or garnering public support, our team of full-service, digitally savvy PR pros can help you achieve your goal.

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Consistently ranked among the top business-to-business PR shops in the country, EMA Group B2B has helped some of the world’s biggest brands achieve their objectives. Our team of experts will work diligently to understand your challenges, then orchestrate programs that are perfectly matched and precisely timed.

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Public Affairs

Many organizations want to make major business investments, but require government approval to do so. Others face public or regulatory actions that create risk for their businesses. Some face online advocacy campaigns threatening their plans and reputations. EMA’s public affairs group can shape, target, and communicate messages that can positively influence these issues.

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Reputation Management

For any organization, the news may not always be good, even when they’re doing the right thing. Today’s Internet-driven world propels information — especially the negative or controversial — at near instantaneous speeds 24/7/365. With risks like this, protecting your good name and reputation becomes demanding, complex and critical. Our Reputation Management experts are available at a moment’s notice to help.

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