Integrated Services: Media and Influencer Strategies

Media and Influencer Strategies

Our campaign plans marry traditional and digital strategies to generate media and analyst coverage, earn third-party support and promote online sharing and word of mouth. While media still matters, we know persuading reporters alone is not enough. Our media and influencer strategies incorporate online monitoring and outreach to bloggers along with a wide array of other opinion leaders in the social media universe.

Online monitoring/listening

  • Online reputation management
  • Analysis and response

Content publishing/sharing

  • Social media newsrooms
  • Blogs, social networks
  • SEO, SEM, tagging
  • Newswire services

Relationship building

  • Influencer/opinion leader outreach
  • Online influencer (blogging, Twitter) identification/following/customized relationship building
  • Highly personalized, customized approaches, creating online rapport

Media and analyst relations

  • Editorial tours
  • Analyst/press events
  • Virtual sampling and tours
  • Product publicity
  • Flash mobs
  • Story pitching
  • Roundtables
  • Online video pitches
  • Personalized microsites