Integrated Services: Insight

Insights that Lead to Positive Outcomes

If you hope to persuade or influence, it always helps to remember one of the core principles of smart public relations: Listening is a hundred times more important than talking.

To be successful, you must first know and understand who you’re talking to. To get started in the right direction, we tap into EMA Insight, our dedicated in-house research, strategy, planning and analytics group. Working with EMA Insight, we obtain an objective assessment of your current situation, and then we determine the right objectives and strategies to achieve desired outcomes. That’s Performance Planning — establishing measurable objectives customized for each assignment or campaign. Inevitably, Performance Planning delivers sharpened strategic thinking, along with more refined, better-targeted messaging.

How to listen:

  • Competitive assessments/benchmarking
  • Social media audits
  • Opposition research
  • Community assessments
  • Public opinion polling
  • Focus groups
  • Executive/customer/analyst/media interviewing
  • Media coverage analysis
  • Social media trend reports
  • Communications audits