Reputation Management: Media Training

What others say about our media training

“I pulled out my yellow Key Messages Worksheet pad again today… and I thought of you guys. Though my pad of them is getting thin, I use your Key Messages framework ALL THE TIME. Thanks so much for teaching me this important stuff — it was invaluable!”

Karen Gahl-Mills, Executive Director, Cuyahoga (Cleveland, OH) Arts & Culture

“This training is equally applicable to everyday communications — speeches, presentations, meetings with other business leaders and the public. Great job!”

Senior Executive, Constellation Energy Nuclear Group

“Great training, worthwhile. Very well prepared and customized to our needs.”

CFO, Constellation Energy Nuclear Group

“Just a quick note to pass along our sincere gratitude for the time and effort put forth by the EMA team to create and execute a very effective crisis communications training program for our senior management. We had plant-level management present as well, and everyone thought the day was both useful and interesting.”

Bradford Muller, Vice President, Marketing, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

“I want to thank you and your associates for putting on an outstanding media training program. It was truly the most effective formal training I have received, and I have heard similar glowing comments from our team. Your group is to be applauded for being prepared, provocative and concise. We are certainly better prepared today to face a crisis and the media than we were prior to Wednesday.”

Roddey Dowd, Jr., President, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

“Just wanted to thank you guys for a great day. That was impactful, fun, and was delivered at the right level for us. I was interested to see how well you guys could tailor media training to fit with Nucor folks and I think you guys did a magnificent job. Peter, your style is excellent… professional, but you are willing to take the gloves off to make a point, and that is important for our group. I also thought Ron was excellent. The fact that he is willing to make it tough on us is great.”

Dan Krug, Director, HR & Organizational Development, Nucor Corporation

“Peter, as always it was a pleasure working with you and Ron. I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to adapt the program to suit our needs. Initially I was concerned that it would be difficult to convince people to take a long training session. Now I think the training will sell itself. I look forward to working with you in the near future. Thanks again for another fine session.”

Pamela W. Porter, Broadcast & Multimedia Specialist, Corning Inc.

“I wanted to share this comment from one of our analysts regarding his media training session: ‘It’s not often that a training session really impresses me but today was outstanding.’ We are very fortunate to work with such an amazing team. Your team has done an outstanding job of delivering a training program that has exceeded expectations. What I appreciate most is their ability to tailor the program to meet my needs.”

Laura J. Mimura, Public Relations, Key Corporate Bank

“I thought the training that focused on prepping us to the risks of landing in a minefield was well done… I’d definitely love to do some more training.”

Pascal Bosse, Vice-President, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Domtar Fine Paper

“It was a pleasure working with you… The training was top-notch, and I know [my colleague] (and I) found it very useful.”

Elizabeth Hage, Corporate Relations Specialist, BlueShield of Northeastern New York

“By the way, I continue to receive great reviews on your training. You’re definitely our trainer of choice.”

Lisa Lundberg, Corporate Communications, Constellation Energy

“I was truly overwhelmed at your outstanding presentation on speaking to the press. Thanks for the invaluable experience.”

Daniel Hege, Musical Director and Conductor, Syracuse Symphony Orchestra

“EMA’s media training was extremely beneficial for Bojangles’ — it was a comprehensive and useful program that truly prepared our senior leadership team for any future interactions with the media.”

Tom Lewison, President and COO, Bojangles’ Restaurants, Inc.

“I just wanted to thank you and the media training team for a fantastic day yesterday. I think we all learned a great deal about how to conduct ourselves during an interview and we feel like we have the tools to continue to improve our interviewing skills. Everyone is still pumped and I know most of the trainees went home and watched their tape last night and are thinking of ways to apply their new knowledge across many mediums.”

Lauren Cressman, Vice President, Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc.

“Well-prepared, intense, on-target. Excellent and practical program and experience.”

Chris Ritter, VP, Binghamton University

“The training far exceeded my expectations… the tips can also be translated to business presentations. Well done!!”

Paige Goff, Domtar Fine Paper

“Eric Mower + Associates has provided essential media training assistance to Starbucks partners for nearly a decade. Our partners consistently remark that EMA’s media training is both informative and engaging, and they always feel much more comfortable dealing with the media after spending time with EMA’s media training specialists.”

Keith Stewart, Regional Marketing Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company

“Yesterday, the EMA team traveled to our corporate headquarters in Buffalo to conduct media training for 17 of our designated spokespersons. I have to say I was extremely impressed with the training! It was very informative and helpful. I have been interviewing with the media for over 20 years, yet I walked away with new tools to help me give a better interview and to better prepare others to do the same. I guess you’re never too old or too experienced to learn and improve! Peter and Ron are true pros. Their teaching style and interactions put the group at ease and made for a very engaging and entertaining session. Job well done! Here is some of the feedback I received from our participants:

“I loved this training. It flew by and I really felt that I brought home some valuable tips that will be useful in future interviews.”

“Thanks so much for setting this up for us! It was definitely very helpful and will make us more confident and professional in our next interview situations.”

“I enjoyed the training, learned a lot. It was time well spent!”

“The next time we are ready to put another group through formal training, I’ll be in touch!”

Diana R. Dibble, APR, Public Affairs Manager, AAA Western and Central New York

We ask for evaluations from everyone we train. Some recent comments:

“Your reporter asked excellent and very relevant questions for our current environment. Videotape practice makes you realize how tough it is when it looks so easy from your seat! You’ve given us some good tools and an excellent learning experience… and I know more practice is required.”

Field Service Manager, Schlumberger

“Your 3Q Formula (to help us ‘put a fence around the interview’) makes excellent sense! Awesome job!”

Senior Executive, Tropel® Metrology Instruments

“The classroom portion was excellent; the interviews gave me a lot to think about. I also have takeaways to apply in daily life. I would like more practice with more of your ‘learning moment’ interruptions.”

Senior Executive, RSR Corporation

“Well done, well prepared presenters. Fear going in… confident coming out… thanks!”

Project Manager, Brookfield Renewable Power

“We were all WOWED by the teaching techniques — done in a way that was fun to learn, easy to absorb and likely to be remembered.”

Director of Corporate Communications, Nestle Waters North America

“Can’t think of any way you could improve. Training was spot-on. I really enjoyed it. The perspectives from your reporter and videographer were great. I see a lot of opportunities to use this in preparing better for presentations and webinars.”

Business Unit Leader, General Electric Filtration

“I thought this training was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. Now I just have to apply the principles.”

Spokesperson, New York State Department of Transportation

“You’ll be happy to know — I asked for a do-over in a taped radio interview today, and the reporter commented on my media savvy, savvy which you are 100% responsible for.”

Executive Director, Syracuse Symphony Orchestra

“Until now, they (reporters) have held all the cards… I’ll be better prepared next time.”

Manager, Corning Inc.

“Great tips and tricks to demystify the media interview process. This class could easily have stretched for two or three days!”

Public Information Officer, Calvert County [Md.] Department of Economic Development

“Thank you for making it safe for us to make mistakes and learn from them.”

School Superintendent

“Great training… all valuable… loved the insight that I’m in control!”

Senior Marketing Executive, Fisher-Price

“Your interview topics were real-life issues we’re experiencing today. The entire course was very interesting and useful… a great experience. This class has minimized my fear of speaking to the media. I have a clear map of techniques that will be very useful in not only my current role, but in my future career assignments as well.”

Environmental Analyst, Schlumberger

“All substance… no fluff. The most valuable part of the program? All of it!”

Professional Educator

“The training was well-organized, and the content was relative to my role at Charlotte Pipe and will be a valuable benefit for me.”

Manager, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

“The most valuable part of the training for me: inside information about the world of reporters… actual examples of interview techniques… and the practical experience of practice interviews. What was the least valuable part of the training for me? There wasn’t one!”

Government Public Information Officer

“Overall — fantastic! Could use another day…”

Economic Development Officer, Buffalo-Niagara Enterprise

“A very valuable program. Although I am experienced, it helped to highlight how I could improve.”

Director of Research, Binghamton University

“Very good program. Helps take some of the fear out of the process.”

Senior Executive, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

“Excellent hands-on experience… excellent teaching staff… highly interactive, open learning environment. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!”

Public Relations Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb

“I will soon find myself working with the media on a regular basis. You have helped me understand the “Rules of the Game” … and also provided me with many tools and strategies I can use. Thank you for making me feel more confident.”

School District Superintendent, Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES

“The entire staff of Eric Mower + Associates were knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for sharing this information.”

Manager, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

“I’m better equipped to take charge of an interview. Helpful to know the (reporters’) games and tricks.”

Manager, Corning Inc.

“Presenters extremely well versed. Practical experience, great examples, concise interview tips.”

New York State Emergency Management

“Anyone could benefit from this. This was excellent. We should do more of this.”

CEO, NY State Credit Union League

“The most valuable part? The on-camera experience with learning ‘on the spot.’”

Environmental Compliance Officer, Lafarge North America

“This will be a great help in future interviews… my confidence level is substantially higher!”

“Well done overall; the taped sessions are invaluable.”

Manager, Corning Inc.

“I admit that I came in a bit apprehensive regarding the value of spending the entire day in training, but I found it extremely useful. I feel much better prepared for interviews as well as (government) hearings which I am required to attend.”

Senior Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb.

“Wish I had been through it sooner! Great tools for use in a lot more real-life situations than just media interviews.”

Executive, Hancock Timber Resources

“Terrific job. Thanks”

CEO, Ellis Hospital

“Practical, honest, on-target, immediately applicable.”

Physician, Hospice and Palliative Care Charlotte Region

“(You) forced us to be pushed outside of our

“comfort zone…”

Nuclear Plant Manager, Constellation Energy

“Very useful for technique, but also gives us lots of insight into refining our message.”

Barry Rudofsky, New York City Community Housing Improvement Program

“Your training went beyond meeting my needs to making me aware of needs that I hadn’t imagined. I took pages of notes beyond the material you provided. You make a great team.”

School District Superintendent

“Every part of the training was valuable. Very practical, comprehensive, well-prepared and presented. The teaching aids were very helpful, and the three trainers were outstanding experts.”

Nuclear Power Plant Manager, Calvert Cliffs [Md.]

“While this was a repeat training for me, it was incredibly valuable… the level of preparation the trainers do is fantastic.”

Manager, Taiwan Operations, Corning Inc.

“It was great to have the varying perspectives — the camera person, the reporter and PR perspectives. I think this was key to understanding the ‘game.’ Great to hear from folks with years of experience. Also vital to continue the on-camera portion, even though it’s difficult and uncomfortable. Thank you!!!”

Planner, Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council.

“It was an excellent opportunity, with great tips on how to be interviewed and how to handle tough questions.”

CEO, Hospice and Palliative Care, Charlotte Region

“Great job — should be a ‘must’ for all superintendents. Examples were the best!”

School District Superintendent, Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES

“Great balance between information and video examples. Thanks for asking what we wanted from the workshop and following up at the end.”

Manager, Corning Inc.

“Your reporter certainly did his homework on the situations in each of our districts. Responding to specific questions was very helpful. Thanks for all the tips.”

School District Superintendent

“Best training I have taken in 11 years with Corning. Want to take it again.”

Manager, Corning Inc.

“Exceeded my expectations.”

Nick Petras, New York City Community Housing Improvement Program

“Fast-paced — I liked that! Great video clips as examples.”

Manager, Corning Inc.

“You’ve left us with an excellent reference guide.”

Manager, Corning Inc

“The high caliber of trainers made this especially impactful.”

Senior Executive, Bristol-Myers Squibb

“I would like an annual refresher!”

Nuclear Plant Manager, Constellation Energy

“This needs to be part of our Administrators’ Certification… many thanks!”

School Superintendent, Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES

“Met all my needs. I feel better positioned to deal with any potential media interaction.”

Mike Hannan, Corning Optical Fibers

“Well-organized and thought out. Both the content and presentation were excellent.”

Senior Manager, Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc.

“Nice job. Video clips well done and targeted to business leaders!”

Senior Manager, Corning Inc.

“Excellent process — from introduction of information, to examples, to application in real-life situations.”

Manager, Corning Inc.

“You folks did a great job on homework to make this very realistic.”

Senior Executive, Bristol-Myers Squibb

“It could have been two days! An additional day would allow us to practice more what we learned in this excellent program.”

Business Unit Leader, General Electric Filtration

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