Reputation Management: Crisis Training

What others say about our crisis training

“Thank you all for doing such an excellent job, to which it seemed easy for our attendees to respond so positively, as indeed they did! You do an excellent job of engaging the group while covering a great deal of material very effectively in a short period of time. I look forward to working with you all as we continue to advance this important work across the company.”

Beth Dann, Corporate Communications, Corning Inc.

“Thank you — to you and your team — for an excellent experience. The Indium team learned so much, and identified the need to learn even more, because of you all. The training was just right with regard to content, pace, and style. We are now working with our new knowledge, and the training materials, to craft our plan and program. After that, all 15 of us will roll it out throughout the company. We’re interested in sending another class to you and working with you to develop a 200-level course to take us to the next step. Great job! Very impactful, educational, inspirational, and motivational.”

Rick Short, Director of Marketing Communications, Indium Corporation

“You guys are excellent teachers and the curriculum is outstanding. I really had a great time yesterday. You lit a fire under me… I will practice and work to improve… thanks again.”

Sharon Lilla, Director, Wayne County, NY, Emergency Response Team

“EMA came to Marion, Ohio, last week to give training to our management team. Pete, Pete and Ken were the trainers and did an outstanding job. They were very well prepared, extremely knowledgeable and flexible. They did not come in here reading a PowerPoint only. They adjusted the class throughout the day to fit our needs. We (management team) felt that this training was outstanding and well worth our time.”

Brenda Schulz, Division Controller, Nucor Steel

“Thank you very much for information, knowledge and experience that you shared with us yesterday. It was very enlightening and showed me where the kinks in the armor are located.”

Curtis A. Clemons, Director of Special Projects, New York Department of Health

We ask for evaluation from everyone we train — and get over 90% response. Some examples:

“Challenging and worthwhile.”

Plant Manager, RSR Corporation

“Your reporter asked excellent and very relevant questions for our current environment. Videotape practice makes you realize how tough it is when it looks so easy from your seat! You’ve given us some good tools and an excellent learning experience… and I know more practice is required.”

Field Service Manager, Schlumberger

“Great instruction — kept me engaged. Your Crisis Worksheets are a great resource.”

Operations Manager, Corning Inc.

“The most valuable part of the program was the real-world video examples that related back to our company.”

Plant Manager, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

“Well done… much useful information. Would love to do it again and get even better at this. Thank you for your willingness to modify the agenda according to our current needs.”

Senior Leadership Team, Corning Museum of Glass

“This is some of the most on-target and useful training I’ve ever received.”

Oswego County NY Public Information Officer

“Your training went beyond meeting my needs to making me aware of needs that I hadn’t imagined. I took pages of notes beyond the material you provided. You make a great team.”

School District Superintendent

“Excellent review of how to manage crises.”

Senior Executive, Ellis Hospital

“The seminar was great! I really got a lot out of it… especially the realization that we absolutely need to have a crisis response team and plan.”

Community Affairs Officer, Noble Environmental Power

“The next step should be your media training.”

Senior VP, General Counsel, Noble Environmental Power

“Your interview topics were real-life issues we’re experiencing today. The entire course was very interesting and useful… a great experience. This class has minimized my fear of speaking to the media. I have a clear map of techniques that will be very useful in not only my current role, but in my future career assignments as well.”

Environmental Analyst, Schlumberger

“Very informative… I really enjoyed this. Excellent program and very appropriate for our organization. Helped pinpoint potential areas for future planning. We are now better prepared. Thank you!!!”

Management Team, Elderwood Senior Care

“The video examples were very useful, and the crisis simulation showed how far we have to go as a company to prepare for something like this.”

Project Manager, Noble Environmental Power

“Overall training experience excellent. Discussion will help Ellis deal with any (hopefully few!) crisis scenarios.”

Senior Staffer, Ellis Hospital

“Stimulating… Instructors were very professional and skilled.”

Arthur Grant, President, Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc.

“(You) forced us to be pushed outside of our ‘comfort zone.’”

Nuclear Facility Manager, Constellation Energy

“We loved your training and found it very helpful!”

Vice President, Community Relations, Ellis Hospital

“Peter — Your training is fabulous!”

Rachel Finley, Corning Life Sciences

“This was the most effective training I’ve received since being employed by Corning… it is easily transferable to my everyday job description. Thank you!”

Manager, Corporate Communications, Corning Inc.

“This should be required for all operations people within three months of starting their jobs”

Senior Operations Manager, Corning Inc.

“The handouts are excellent, especially the first-hours crisis plan. I will use this to develop a crisis/contingency plan for my facility.”

Plant Manager, Corning Inc.

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