Reputation Management: Social Media Monitoring

Managing risk through social media

Social media has completely changed the playing field in reputation management. Not long ago, a crisis happened when the press got wind of something that hurt your brand. It lived in headlines, a few good sound bites and maybe a couple blog posts. It took hours to build and days to control.

Today, a crisis moves at the speed of social media. It lives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. And it lives in real time. However, social media also creates opportunities we didn’t have a decade ago: the ability to change the conversation, before you have to deal with a crisis.

Tracking and Reporting
EMA’s social media monitoring service tracks and monitors millions of sites, including blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, enabling us to stay on top of the social conversations that are most relevant to a brand, whether you’re in a crisis, or trying to avoid one.

In collaboration with our technology partner, Astute Solutions, we have developed a suite of social media monitoring, analytics and response management products that:

  • Track relevant social conversations by keywords/subjects, sentiment and volume
  • Deliver insights into conversation, content and competitor metrics
  • Identify and analyze key influencers and trending issues
  • Provide customized reporting and analytics

Crisis Management
When trouble is brewing, EMA’s social listening and engagement tools can help you diffuse a potential crisis before it hits mainstream media. You can even turn a crisis into an opportunity and end up with more loyal constituents than before, along with a stronger, more positive reputation.

Immediate Online Threat Recognition
EMA uses a search tool called Threat Tracker to monitor potentially negative social conversations in real time on nearly 100 million blogs and other influential social-media sources like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and YouTube. Using this powerful tool, we can identify and evaluate known risks online and deliver warnings to you via e-mail alerts, enabling a swift response.

Response Management
In addition to real-time social conversation tracking and analysis, our team can provide 24/7 online crisis resolution and social content development and management. This includes real-time messaging and course corrections, risk analysis, escalation management and reporting.

Stephen Bell Reputation Management

Under Steve’s direction, EMA’s reputation management practice provides controversial issues counsel and crisis communications to wide range of public and private sector clients.

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