Reputation Management: Managing Public Meetings Training

Managing Public Meetings Training

Public meetings or open hearings present a serious challenge for any company, institution or public authority seeking approval for a proposed development, construction or expansion project. This new half-day training program teaches you how to plan and prepare for these meetings, as well as how to avoid the most dangerous pitfalls. While failure to win public support is certainly an undesirable outcome, it’s far worse to emerge from a governmental hearing or “town hall” meeting in which the participants have become enraged and energized to actively fight against your plans.

The EMA “Managing Public Meetings” workshop covers:

  • The best physical setup for meeting rooms to maximize constructive input
  • How to prepare your messages for maximum public understanding
  • How to manage the media
  • Why the most productive meetings can be boring
  • Why it’s critical to “qualify yourself”
  • How to speak in public
  • How to answer questions in public, especially the tough, negative ones
  • Strategies and tips to minimize counterproductive disruption
  • When to use PowerPoint — and when not to
  • How to “work the room” and conduct follow-up
  • Ways to honestly, openly and constructively react to disruptions

Stephen Bell Reputation Management

Under Steve’s direction, EMA’s reputation management practice provides controversial issues counsel and crisis communications to wide range of public and private sector clients.

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