Reputation Management: Our Approach

Our Approach

We practice Reputation Management at the highest levels. Our efforts protect company and organizational bottom lines and reputations before and after a crisis strikes.

Knowing that the best way to handle crises is to prevent them from happening in the first place, we prepare businesses and organizations of all types through crisis communication planning and by establishing early warning systems. Foreseeing issues that could make a company the focus of unwanted media or public attention, we help businesses take the right steps to avoid or counteract an oncoming crisis.

Once a crisis hits, we help companies respond quickly and strategically. How you handle yourself in the first moments of a crisis determines how you will ultimately be viewed in the court of public opinion. That means by far the number one management challenge in dealing with a bad-news situation is time.

We have become highly adept at working collaboratively with legal counsel and insurers in the heat of a crisis to develop nonconflicting strategies effective in both the legal and public relations arenas. As a result, we are frequently referred or retained by law firms and property and casualty insurers to provide strategic and tactical support.

Stephen Bell Reputation Management

Under Steve’s direction, EMA’s reputation management practice provides controversial issues counsel and crisis communications to wide range of public and private sector clients.

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