Public Affairs: Tactical Excellence

The Need for Tactical Excellence

General Patton once observed that no battle plan ever survived first contact with the enemy. He might have been talking about public affairs — because in those arenas, strategic plans are of little use without skill and nimbleness in tactics. The best communications strategy imaginable does no good if its designers lack the technical know-how to carry it out.

EMA has the chops to carry out the strategic plans it designs.

Our team includes seasoned veterans with the right mix of experience.

  • You might need a story, a chance to make your case before a key editorial board, or a mention on a well-read inside-the-Beltway blog. We can deliver. We have extensive experience in print and broadcast journalism, decades of PR experience dealing with reporters, editors, and editorial writers, and experience and insight in the emerging new media, such as blogs for media monitoring and policy chatter.
  • You might need to start, counteract or become involved in a social or online campaign affecting your plans or reputation. We have the digital capabilities and the strategic know-how to mount online advocacy efforts. We have advanced social media monitoring tools. We can reach the right bloggers and tweeters and we can provide you with a digital strategy to get your message across.
  • You might benefit from an ally from the world of advocacy, such as a labor union, an association with interests that overlap yours, or a not-for-profit group. We can identify and recruit those allies. We have done that many times for many different clients.
  • You might need advertisements to supplement your other PA activities. We know how. We have helped many clients — often on modest budgets — find ways to use paid media to deliver just the right message to just the right target at just the right point in the process.

In short, EMA designs campaigns and carries them out collaboratively.

Sean L. Casey Public Affairs

For the last 25 years, Sean has provided public affairs and public relations strategic counsel and tactical support to clients ranging from major corporations and law firms, to not-for-profit and higher education organizations.

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  • scasey at mower dot com