Work + Clients: Noble Environmental Power

Clearing the air about wind energy

EMA’s coordinated Public Affairs campaign helped alleviate a community’s concerns about a proposed wind farm by communicating the true benefits of this clean, renewable power source.

Case Study Details

Noble’s attempts to develop renewable energy windparks in New York State’s northern counties were being stymied by vocal opponents who were dominating community meetings, flooding the news media with false assertions and controlling the public debate. As a result, Noble could not communicate wind energy’s benefits and risked failure.

EMA became deeply involved — attending community meetings, learning the target audiences, studying the issues and research, quizzing Noble’s leadership on opposition assertions and evaluating the strength of the competing arguments. We supervised public opinion polling to identify the public’s true feelings.

EMA worked with Noble to create a full range of communications tools — including Noble’s corporate website, news releases, direct mail, lawn signs, car magnets, newspaper and radio advertising, tradeshow display and more.

In the end, Noble received all the necessary state and local permits and has completed construction of some 160 wind turbines in three towns in Clinton County, New York.

Sean L. Casey Public Affairs

For the last 25 years, Sean has provided public affairs and public relations strategic counsel and tactical support to clients ranging from major corporations and law firms, to not-for-profit and higher education organizations.

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