The Little Pig Went ‘Free, Free, Free all the Way Home’: EMA Creates New TV Spots for Community Bank, NA

Eric Mower and Associates has created new TV spots for Community Bank NA that star an animated piggy bank looking for a new, happier home.

“These ads tell a tale of a pig that flies—an animated piggy bank flying from a big, bad bank to a happier place, Community Bank. When you watch these ads, you have to smile," said Hal Wentworth, Community Bank senior vice president and president of sales and marketing.

In one spot, viewers hear a story about the money that didn’t like fees. So Mr. Pig packed up and moved to a bank where completely free checking delivered exactly what it promised: no fees, period. The little pig went “free, free, free all the way home.” Click here to watch it.

In another spot, viewers hear a story about the money that wanted to feel needed. At “the big, bad bank,” it felt alone, unimportant and unproductive. So it moved to a home that made Mr. Pig feel important, safe and secure. Click here to watch it.

A third spot tells the story of the money that wanted to help people—by funding a much-needed vacation or doing something wonderful at home. So it offered itself to the world at friendly rates and flexible terms. Soon Mr. Pig was hard at work making dreams come true. Click here to watch it.

All spots end with Community Bank’s “Bank Happy” tagline and smile. The commercials’ concept and scripts were developed by EMA. Canadian shop Guru Studio did the animation.

“The piggy bank is an engaging visual hook that reminds people they should be banking with someone who makes them smile. It’s whimsical, magical and more likely to cut through the clutter. We love that Community Bank sees the value in thinking outside of the box,” said EMA Senior Partner and Creative Director Tom Merrick. “Everything we create for Community Bank is about putting a smile on people’s faces and extending the Bank Happy brand.”

Community Bank earned a first-place American Banking Association Financial Award in 2008 for the “Bank Happy” campaign created by agency of record EMA.

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