New Tablet Publishing Service

Eric Mower + Associates has launched a new Tablet Publishing Service that provides a fast and efficient way to create sales tools and interactive mobile experiences for tablet devices.

“This is a great tool for B2B clients with sales or channel partners who can benefit from engaging and interactive presentations or marketing materials,” said Andres Echenique, senior partner, Digital Solutions. “People consume content differently today, and this helps us to bring clients’ content to life while integrating powerful sales tools.”

How It Works

EMA can repurpose clients’ existing assets, such as printed catalogs and brochures or videos, into digital publications on tablets for a more engaging and interactive experience. Products can be brought to life by adding video, animation or interactive demos. Audiences can better engage with brands by easy access to related online resources, such as microsites, calculators, and online order forms.

Demand-generation tools like Salesforce and Marketo can be integrated as well to enable real-time access to customer data. In addition, the usage of tablet apps is tracked, enabling marketers to measure and optimize their content and how it used by sales teams and customers.

Watch an overview of EMA’s Tablet Publishing Service:

“Using this new service, clients can reach sales and channels faster and increase their reach of their marketing materials in a cost-effective way,” name said.

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