EMA Takes Home National Award for Healthcare Ad Campaign

A campaign created for the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) by Eric Mower and Associates (EMA) took home a bronze medal in the 27th Annual Aster Awards, sponsored by Healthcare Marketing Report. The campaign, launched late last year, features NFL team Buffalo Bills’ former placekicker Steve Christie endorsing ECMC Orthopedics.

The awards recognize outstanding healthcare marketing. With more than 4,000 entries nationwide in 70 advertising and media categories, EMA and ECMC won bronze in the largest entry group—hospitals with 500 or more beds—and in the biggest category, “Total Advertising Campaigns.”

“Our ‘Steve Christie’ campaign was particularly successful in raising awareness of ECMC’s first-class orthopedic services and doctors. It created a lot of interest and calls from new patients,” said Tom Quatroche, ECMC vice president of marketing and planning. “We’re pleased to see that this advertising campaign, when judged against those of the largest hospitals nationwide, stood out among its peers.”

The TV, print, radio and web ads were aimed at athletes and other active people who, like Christie, remain energetic in later life. The headline reads “You don’t have to play pro football to have an orthopedic injury.” Skiing, home renovation and gym workouts can lead to orthopedic injuries, and ECMC surgeons are equipped to handle them and “kick off your comeback.”

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with the ECMC team and their premier surgeons on this notable campaign,” said Doug Bean, EMA Managing Partner. “Tom signed Steve Christie for us and then we all ran with it. I want to thank our creative team members for their inspiration and Steve for being such a trouper and effective spokesman.”

“This campaign attracted attention because it included a well-known and respected Buffalo Bill and community member who Western New Yorkers related easily to, both because he was recognizable, and because he is a now a ‘regular guy’ who could experience and orthopedic injury,” Quatroche said. “This was a great team effort and created more interest than we could have ever hoped.”

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