EMA Presents Consumer Trends Seminar

In conjunction with the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, Eric Mower and Associates (EMA) recently presented a seminar and facilitated a panel discussion to offer insight on current consumer buying behaviors, both locally and nationally.

The seminar, titled “Connecting Consumer Trends to Business-Building Ideas,” focused on the impact the economy and major trends have had on consumer purchasing decisions.

EMA’s Sandy Gingerich, senior partner; Virginia Bates, partner; and Mary Jo Hardy, media director and consumer insight specialist, led the presentation, and shared examples of companies “doing it right” and offered ideas for how local companies can, too.

“It is becoming increasingly important for companies to truly understand consumers’ habits and thoughts,” said Gingerich. “All the rules have changed.”

EMA was joined by three panelists who offered perspective on consumer trends and the impact those trends have already had on their businesses. Panelists included Tom Chestnut, president, AAA of Central and Western New York; Kenneth Kim, Ph.D.; and Dan Leonard, business development specialist, Elmwood Village Association.

“Consumer confidence is reaching all-new lows and as a result we’ve seen consumers exhibit a renewed sense of control over their own impulses as they look to balance their needs against their wants,” said Dan Leonard, business development specialist, Elmwood Village Association.

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