EMA Helps Domtar Unveil “Paper Because” Campaign to Promote the Responsible Use of Paper

A sweeping campaign that Eric Mower and Associates (EMA) designed to highlight paper's importance in our lives will debut Monday.

EMA developed the "Paper Because" campaign for Domtar, a global leader in paper manufacturing. Advertisements will appear in major U.S. and Canadian media outlets, including: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The (Toronto) Globe & Mail, Fast Company, Audubon, National Geographic and other consumer and trade publications. The campaign will also feature online banner ads and a series of short videos that will appear in a variety of online media. Watch one of the videos here.

Domtar’s “Paper Because” campaign will demonstrate that paper is sustainable, personal and purposeful: 

  • It’s easier to learn on paper, because reading on paper is up to 30 percent faster than reading online.
  • Nearly 60 percent of senior executives prefer print versus online information. 
  • Three out of four people have made a purchase as a result of direct mail. 
  • Paper is one of the most recycled products on the planet; more than 63 percent of the paper that’s used gets recycled.
  • Domtar collaborates with the Rainforest Alliance and other environmental organizations to encourage environmentally sound, sustainable forestry practices, high levels of recycling and the use of renewable energy at its manufacturing facilities.

“Domtar is respected by environmental organizations because it is a leader in promoting the use of paper from certified forests, while also substantially reducing the environmental impact of its operations. Domtar is not just a paper company, it’s the sustainable paper company,” said Rick Lyke, the EMA senior partner who leads the agency’s Domtar team. “Paper Because makes the point that we all count on paper in our daily lives and can feel good about that because paper is renewable, recyclable and sustainable. The campaign is meant to counteract some of the negative misinformation about paper and showcase how paper connects us emotionally, economically, socially and intellectually.”

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