Clarke / EMA Selects All Faiths Food Bank for Award

Clarke / Eric Mower and Associates (Clarke/EMA), a full-service, integrated marketing communications agency with offices throughout the eastern U.S., has awarded All Faiths Food Bank $100,000 in pro bono strategic planning and creative services.

“Pro bono work has always played an important role in our agency’s culture and our commitment to have an active role in our local community,” says Patricia Courtois, partner, Clarke/EMA. “However, this year, we wanted to focus our pro bono efforts on one organization, allowing that organization to have a greater impact on the community and their own constituents.”

Clarke/EMA selected All Faiths Food Bank, which serves over 32,000 people in the local community, to receive this award of services.

“In our research, the more we learned about this organization and what they do, the more we connected with their mission of helping provide people with food, one of the most basic needs,” says Courtois.

Courtois continues, “All Faiths Food Bank has the desire to build awareness not only for the organization, but also for the issue of hunger in our own community. The demand for the 3.8 million pounds of food they distribute annually is even greater now with the rise of working poor who never before have tapped into the food bank system.”

Clarke/EMA’s relationship will also extend beyond providing creative and strategic services. Agency staff will chair food drives and volunteer their time at the Food Bank throughout the year.

“We are honored to be chosen by Clarke/EMA for this award,” said Dan Dunn, Executive Director of the All Faiths Food Bank. “The All Faiths Food Bank looks forward to this unique partnership and to increasing the awareness in our community of the need for feeding people who are struggling in this current economy. Clarke/EMA is now on the front lines helping our neighbors with food and nutrition.”

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