Albright-Knox Partners with EMA to Commemorate 150 Years

To mark its milestone 150th anniversary, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery is rebranding itself and has selected Eric Mower + Associates to develop a brand campaign that will celebrate one of the country’s oldest, most respected public art institutions.

“Celebrating 150 years of art in Buffalo is an immense accomplishment for our organization, and we’re excited to focus on the future ahead. We’re turning to EMA’s brand promotion experts to help us best position ourselves going forward,” said Maria Scully-Morreale, head of marketing/corporate and public relations for Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

EMA will use market research insights to develop a communications strategy that will be used to build a brand campaign that celebrates the Gallery’s deep roots in the Buffalo community.

“We’re honored to work with our neighbor, the Albright-Knox,” said Doug Bean, COO at EMA. “The museum adds tremendous cultural appeal to our city and region, and attracts praise from across the globe. We can’t wait to get started in helping to launch its new brand.”

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